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Get residential rebates up to $645* CASH (per system). Such system upgrades can also save you up to 60% on your utility bills. Below are lists of equipment and tasks performed in order to receive rebates from both parties (Southern California Edison and Gas Co.). Along with these rebates, you will receive a free in home estimate on a new Bryant equipped system, customized for each customer's needs, with up front pricing.

Measure Rebate
2002 Energy Star Central Air Conditioner
2001 Energy Star program expires 9/30 of 2002.
$425 SEER 14 w/TXV
$325 SEER 13 w/TXV
$100 SEER 12-12.99
Programmable Thermostat $20 7-DAY
Southern California Gas Company
Measure Rebate
Energy Star Gas Furnace $200 AFUE > 90%+
Variable Speed Drive Gas Furnace $100 AFUE > 80%+
Programmable Thermostat $20 7-DAY

*The $645 (cash) rebate was based on a system containing: a 14+ SEER  Puron condenser, a 90% furnace, a programmable thermostat. Utility rebates are valid 4/1 - 12/31, or until funds are depleted. .